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Developing a strong brand is an art you can't learn in school or read about on Medium. It takes something innate and simple: being human. I've spent my entire life studying what that means, and the greater half being conscious of it. Consistency, relatability, clarity, and relevancy iron out your identity and make you recognizable and memorable.


People work in particular ways. Social media has exacerbated trends and the exposure of human nature, giving us the perfect platform by which to study how people interact with each other, with technology, and with content. I know what works and what doesn't. Developing a brand is one thing, but building an entity does not make people flock to it. By applying strategy, we expose target markets to who you are and help them fall in love with you.



The orchestration of a successful brand and strategy also comes down to the experience you provide your individual customers. With over 10 years of development and design work under my belt, I have continually kept up with the trends, tides, and modern UX patterns. By this avenue, I've been able to handcraft incredibly effective technical solutions for a wide array of clients.


Feel free to reach out to me for information on the services of either Fiverr or Inventum Digital, or for personal inquiries. Portfolio pieces, case studies, and full resume or C/V available upon request.

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